A List of Things I Thought While I Should Have Been Writing

Today has been a busy day. I spent most of the morning and this afternoon packing up my room and loading boxes into my car. I’m still not fully moved out of my house at school, but I’m getting there. For the past hour or two, I’ve been revising a one-act play that I drafted during the school year. I’m submitting the play to be considered for a show where actors put on staged readings of plays. I have (mostly) finished the play, miraculously, but not after an unbelievable amount of procrastinating, and there’s still a bit of work to be done.

I considered posting the finished draft of the play for today’s blog, but decided against it, as I would rather share it once I find out if it’ll be chosen for the show or not, and I still haven’t even completely finished the play. If it’s chosen though, I’ll record the performance and post that! (If I ever finish it, of course!)

Instead of posting the play itself, I’ve decided to post the next best thing: a list of thoughts I had while revising the play.

  1. I’m hungry.
  2. Writing is hard.
  3. Hey, I wonder what I’m going to post on the blog today?
  4. Maybe I can post this play.
  5. No.
  6. It’s weird.
  7. I’m hungry.
  9. Harold and Maude is a kickass movie.
  10. Was Maude just an old manix pixie dream girl?
  11. I’m gonna write about that.
  12. Nah.
  13. Too much work. Too much thinking.
  14. Too lazy.
  15. Writing is hard.
  16. Life is futile.
  17. That’s not true. Life is beautiful.
  18. Most of the time.
  19. But writing one-act plays is not.
  20. What else is good on Netflix? Oh, The Office!
  21. Steve Carell looks really attractive these days, and that makes me uncomfortable.
  22. Maybe Steve Carell would play the lead in this play.
  23. He was great in Foxcatcher.
  24. That movie’s underrated.
  25. Wait. No. The lead is older, gruffer.
  26. Someone like… BRENDAN GLEESON.
  27. Domhnall Gleeson is adorable.
  28. I wonder how many times per day I think about how cute Domhnall Gleeson is.
  29. At least ten.
  30. Probably more like twenty.
  31. Red hair is so pretty.
  32. God bless gingers.
  33. Is that rumor that gingers are slowly going to stop existing true?
  34. Hope not.
  35. They’re like beautiful, rare unicorn people.
  36. I’m gonna say that to the next ginger I see.
  37. Is that offensive?
  38. Can’t imagine so. It’s definitely a good thing.
  39. Oh god, I’m supposed to be doing something. What was it again?
  40. Yeah, yeah… the play.
  41. I’m so off topic.
  43. I mean, I don’t always hate it.
  44. Actually, yeah. It sucks all the time.
  45. How does Stephen King write so many books?
  46. I don’t think I could finish one book.
  47. I wonder if Jenna Marbles has posted a new video today?
  48. I’m really into her and Julien together. I hope they stay together FOREVER.
  49. OK, time to capture the love that Jenna and her boyfriend have for each other and put it in this play!
  50. Maybe a quick snack first though.
  51. I want a burrito.
  52. I NEED a burrito.
  53. Have I watched the new episode of Dance Moms?
  54. Oh yeah. I have. It rocked.
  55. It always rocks.
  56. Holly’s getting a little out of control though.
  57. The producers are probably playing that up.
  58. Art is dead. Nothing is real.
  59. Just like my play… dead.
  60. HAH.
  61. It actually deals with death though.
  62. I’m hilarious.
  63. Actually not at all. I’m not even a little funny.
  64. I wonder what Abby Lee Miller would say about my play.
  65. She would surely yell at me for not working on it right now.
  66. That’s good inspiration, actually. Abby, you truly are a stellar dance teacher. And a stellar life teacher.
  67. This is idiotic. Time to work.
  68. Ehhhh. But a quick nap would probably get my creativity going.
  69. lol
  70. This is ridiculous.
  71. I hate writing.
  72. I love writing.
  73. Everything is a struggle.
  74. Netflix break!

Confession time: I wrote this entire list while procrastinating the writing of my play. LOL. I can’t believe I ever get any work done.

I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow.


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