May Writing Marathon! — Day #1

For most of high school, I wrote every single day. Whether it was a personal blog post, a movie review, or a romantic piece of Sherlock fanfiction (NO RAGRETS!), I was always putting a pen to paper and sharing my words with the world. And I loved writing. I didn’t write because I had an assignment due or because I had agreed to review a movie for a website. I wrote because I wanted to, because I felt like I needed to.

I want to recapture that.

I still love writing. Or at least, I want to love writing. But I’ve worked myself into this terrible kind of limbo where I sit in front of my computer for hours, feeling compelled to write something, but also feeling as if I just don’t have anything worthwhile to say. It’s a feeling that I think has been caused by a combination of the general stress of being graded on my writing throughout college, how hectic my life has been lately, and my own inexcusable laziness.

I know for sure that I desperately need to get back in the habit of getting something down every day, because in order to get better at writing, one absolutely must write. A lot. As much as possible. And I miss writing. I like it, and I want to make time for it, so that’s what I’m doing with this post.

Today, in an effort to get back in the habit of writing regularly, I am pledging to write something every day for the month of May. Maybe it’ll be a super personal post about my life. Or maybe it’ll be a rant about something that’s bothering me. (Spoiler alert: A lot of things are always bothering me. Currently, I’m annoyed by what happened to Derek on Grey’s Anatomy.) It could be a movie review. (Ex Machina’s been on my mind.) Or a gushing post about how interesting and smart and dreamy I find Louis Theroux to be. (Oh, that one’s definitely going to happen.) But, hey, it will be something.

And I’ll post it here. Ok, but why am I posting it here? Couldn’t I just keep this crap to myself? Well, here there are several reasons that I don’t want to. First, posting here is a very public way to hold myself accountable. Like when you announce to your friend that you’re going to the gym in the evening. Your friend couldn’t care less, but you’ve announced it now, so you have to follow through. Even if no one’s actually reading these posts, posting them publicly every day will make me feel as if they’re important, and that’s enough to keep me motivated. Second, I like sharing my ideas. To me, writing isn’t such a solitary experience. I write because I have something to say, and what’s the point of saying something if no one will ever hear it?

So, for every day this month, I will post something here. Something. Anything. I hope. That’s the plan. We’ll see. And you are formally invited to join me! If you need a push to get writing, come along with me on this May Marathon. I promise to comment on your posts and help keep you going! This could become a great way for people to hold each other accountable. (I know I could always use the push!)

If you’re not into writing every day, just read along. And comment if you ever feel inclined. Or hey, do nothing at all. I’m not the boss of you.

Let’s see how this goes.

Happy Day One!

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 1.44.38 AM


One thought on “May Writing Marathon! — Day #1

  1. I wish I could join in, especially for writing in English, but I’m afraid I’m even lazier than you and I have a buttload of things to do that somehow always end up being postponed (including some non-English writing). I’ll try to check regularly and comment occasionally instead. Good luck with your challenge!

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