“This Is The End” Review

I saw “This Is The End” tonight and instead of tweeting excessively, I thought I would express my opinions in a quick blog post.


First off, I want to be clear about one thing. I liked “This Is The End.” I really liked it. I’m talking solid 7/10 here. However, I didn’t like it as a comedy. “This Is The End” worked better as an apocalyptic thriller.

It’s really not that funny. If anything, I smiled a lot. I laughed a few times. The scenes set in Franco’s house before the world fell apart were funny. The actors’ interactions were funny. But that’s because they’re naturally funny guys. It’s not because the movie was, at its core, a comedy.

Because the actors were all largely comedic, the audience often got tricked into thinking they should be laughing at things that really weren’t funny. That was one of my problems with the film. Because it was marketed so strongly as a comedy, it was hard to take anything seriously. Sure, some things were supposed to be funny, but other scenes weren’t at all. Some scenes were intensely gruesome and disturbing, but instead of cringing, we saw Rogen’s face and laughed. Out of habit, I guess. Maybe that’s the real triumph of this film. I, admittedly, don’t know.

In my opinion, once you got past the fact that these actors were usually funny but the movie wasn’t, This Is The End was easier to love. One of my friends didn’t like the film at all. His reasoning? It wasn’t funny enough. And he’s right. It wasn’t that funny. It was mostly a drama with comedy actors. And I think it was better for it.

The actors had a natural sort of chemistry. They all sincerely seemed like friends. I’m willing to bet it’s because they all ARE friends. Seth Rogen was, as he always is, loveable and timid. He always looked a little scared. Jay Baruchel was adorable and intelligent. He was often the most reasonable and I loved the way his lack of extreme famousness became a running joke. Craig Robinson was hilarious. Maybe the funniest of the cast. He was ridiculously easy to root for. James Franco was as charming and odd as ever. His strange love for Seth Rogen was one of my favorite jokes. Jonah Hill was… actually pretty damn strange. He was just too nice. That was a running joke, too. And Danny McBride was insane. He was immensely watchable and entertaining, but more frustrating than anything else. He played a douchebag perfectly.

The interaction of the actors was the real gem in this film. Everything felt very natural and unscripted. And it was just so intensely meta. There were references galore. And some really fun cameos.

Honestly, I liked “This Is The End.” Go see it. But don’t go in with high comedic expectations. Go in expecting quick dialogue, sincere friendships, an interesting and intense storyline, and great acting. Because that’s what you’re going to get.


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